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Our services are optimally catered for small and medium-sized water, wastewater and storm water utilities, and industrial facilities. Typical clients include public works departments for small cities and (semi) private special purpose districts providing utility services to rural and suburban residents. While other firms provide similar services, we specifically scale our solutions to meet the needs of small agencies at an appropriate price point.

Asset Management Consulting

Systems Integrations and AIMS

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General Data Management Services

  • Geographic Information System development (ESRI-based, utility industry standard database schemas). 

  • Data conversion including CAD to GIS, paper maps to GIS. 

  • Field mapping using GPS equipment in combination with the ESRI Collector App. 

  • Database administration (Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access). 

  • Systems integration including GIS, Maintenance Management Systems, Customer Information Systems, SCADA Systems, Document Management Systems and Condition Assessment Systems such as CCTV for sewer. 

  • General software and database support activities after deployment of AIMS in an agency server. Such activities include the update of water distribution and sewer collection system maps based on record drawings, loading of documents and AIMS training sessions. 

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The AIMS Team conducted a storm water drainage asset GPS survey at the Iron Mountain Mine after the devastating Carr Fire in Redding, 2018.  


Collector for ArcGIS was used to map culverts and categorize them by condition rating. Destroyed and replaced culverts were marked appropriately and entered into the asset registry. 


Condition ratings and asset renewals were used during a new financial forecasting model run. Future renewal reports now reflect the financial impact of the fire. 

Systems Integrations and AIMS
General Data Management Services

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Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm PST
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