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Asset Information


We view our customers as ‘partnerships’ in establishing higher levels of efficiency in data management.


“Providing full service, turn-key Asset Information Management Solutions to smaller water, wastewater and stormwater organizations that do not have the resources to effectively manage data in-house”

Our Services

AIMS Team Provides Water Utility Asset Information Management Plans
The AIMS Team provides services in Utility Asset Management Plans and more specifically, Water Utility Asset Management Plans. We specialize in providing niche services related to asset management of physical assets in the water and wastewater industry. Our clients are mainly small and medium-sized special purpose districts and public works departments that do not have significant in-house resources to adequately address asset and information management needs. AIMS Team employees serve in most cases as an extension to our clients’ administrative and operations staff, both in the data handling of day-to-day maintenance activities, as well as in the longer-term efforts of asset management planning.
Key Skill Sets for Asset Information Management Services
The AIMS Team has a unique combination of skills both in the 1) development, application and documentation of the core Asset Management principles as defined per the United States Environmental Protection Agency, including asset inventory and hierarchy, asset lifecycle planning, risk management, asset valuation and management strategies, and 2) configuration and integration of relevant data systems that allows access to data, analytical tools and reporting functionality. Meaning, we generally perform tasks that includes all aspects of asset information management, including systems integration, data mining, data population, asset lifecycle modeling and the preparation of an actual Asset Management Plan document.
An asset management program will only work if it is permeated throughout the organization and integrated in the day-to-day operations. This is what the AIMS Team can help set up.

Asset Management Consulting

The AIMS Team has great expertise in the implementation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s …


Systems Integration and AIMS

A meaningful AMP relies on the availability of various data sets that usually includes an asset…


General Data Management Services

In support of Asset Management Consulting and Systems Integration activities…

Our Services

Our Team

While the AIMS Team maintains only a small number of staff, all primary staff maintain a full stack of applicable skills, including project management, applications development, database administration, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and general water utility knowledge related to asset maintenance, lifecycle and risk management.

Jeroen Preiss

Owner and Founder of AIMS Team, LLC

Terry Markou

Systems Configuration and Development

Krishna Raichura

Mapping and Database Specialist

Randy Weaver

Asset Management Consulant


Where are you on the road to Asset Management?


Why Choose AIMS?

Our Asset Information Management System (AIMS) provides all essential data management functionality to meet the needs of a small to medium-sized utility. It uses open standards so that it integrates with other systems and databases. And most importantly, we specifically customize and scale our solutions to meet the budgetary needs of smaller agencies at an appropriate price point.

Contact Us

Contact us at 510.427.0015 or email
Live Demonstrations of AIMS, Proposals, and Cost Information Provided by Request.
Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm PST
Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm PST
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